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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Iguazu Falls

The daily grind is finding accommodations. Habitaciones. 
We see signs 
for Hostal
for Hostel
for Hotel
for Hospedaje
for Hosteria

Still don't know what the heck the difference is. 
But find a place to sleep we do and well, it's not ever the Holiday Inn but it's home for a night.

Cocktails are a crap shoot too.

Whisky Sour? Not quite, but the guy sure did try hard. 

I failed to put this photo on the last post. 
This was coming back through the Paso de Jama.
This truck flipped sometime between when we came through the day before and our return 
the next day. Right after the slow down sign in the turn with an image of a truck tipping over.

We made the return journey in a single day and found a posh place to stay.

Giant Cabana.



But the bidet didn't work. 

They said we could have our clothes washed.
The motorcycle gear is heavy and costly to clean.
So I eyed my jacuzzi tub and thought....just add Tide.
Voila, clean motorcycle jackets and pants. 

Had my last Godiva sugar free dark chocolate bar.

You wouldn't believe the effort I went through to keep them from melting.
If you guess correctly, your first drink is on me.

The place was painted a light color of lilac to match the rock formations in the distance.

We then rode across hell.
There are only two roads across Northern Argentina.
I'm sure they are both hellish.
Straight. Potholed. 
Complete with a crooked cop that hit us up for Pesos.
No comprende.
US Dollars.
No comprende.

Finally made it to the other side. 
(I'll spare you photos of the flea motel)
My head is still itching. Hope I didn't catch something.

And to the river separating Argentina and Paraguay. 

Found a cute cabin.

Pool was spring fed.
No chlorine.

This contraption heats the water as it comes out of the spicket in the shower.
Electrocuted myself a few times before I realized what was happening.

Complete with strange ceramic gnomes and other Disney Characters.

We stayed in Obern where this wonderful lady handwashed my clothes and even walked me to 2 salons that had closed. No Pedi/Mani for me.

These giant mounds are either ants or termites.
Not sure.
It was suggested one of us sit on one and see what happens.  
Guess who made that suggestion?

Next stop. San Ignacio. 
Jesuit ruins.
Pretty darn cool...well hot actually.
But worth the sticky, hot walk. 

Then we made it to Posadas.
Found a steakhouse along the waterfront with Brazil.
Ordered a massive steak.
But I ate it.
Suffered the whole time.
Although it was death by papa.
They LOVE potatoes here.
We asked for a grilled platter of veggies.
We got potatoes, onions and a few slices of red pepper.
On top of that, they served french fries AND mashed potatoes. 
Er, um. That's a starch. 

Neat fountain.

Inca warrior. 

Our most excellent, mate drinking taxi driver.

Here is Doug poking another hole in my belt.
Just keep losing weight. 

In spite of eating this stuff 3 times a day.

Sweet girl that served us.

Cool bridge. 

So in Chile,  motorcycles pay toll.
In Argentina, we get to around the side. 

After another day riding in 115+ degree weather
 (and humid)
Finally arrived at Puerto Iguazu.
Get ready for photos of lots of waterfalls.
But before, since this was the main destination of the trip.

Decided to celebrate with some bubbly.
(got the boys beer in glass bottles)
Paid a hefty bottle deposit. 
Google Translate didn't work but my constant, repetitive hand gesticulations about paying no matter what to get those darned beers finally resulted in success.

That is Brazil across the river. 

Watched these massive red ants working their butts off.

Our Cabana.

My room.
We each had our own AC.

Down a steep, cobbled, twisty road. 
This the easy part.

My very comfy bed.

Massive submerged tub.
Was afraid to shower in it. 
Seemed too much work climbing in and out of it.
Might knock my two front teeth out.

Headed to Iguazu Falls the next morning.
These buggers guys were cute and heck but ferocious. 
Guess we should have paid attention to the signs warning us.

They grabbed the food right out of our hands.

This man hustled us (in a good way) to drive us to the falls for the same price as the bus.

And he helped us get tickets to get drenched in a speed boat under the falls.

We took a footpath with the spare time we had until the next boat.

View from the top.

Our first glimpse, far after we started hearing the roar.

Then a fun truck ride through the jungle.

She spoke Spanglish.

Then the stairs down to the boat.

And our first view of the waterfalls from below.

In the US, they would give you rain coats and go just close enough for a fine mist.
Not so in Argentina.
Nope. They give you dry bags for your camera.
Put you in a near state of panic when they are gunning the engines and yelling "protect your cameras" and barrel towards the falls.
We were drenched.
Multiple times.

These falls are just a small section of the total falls of the park.
It was spectacular. 
Here is some video of a boat going in. 
And after a very long time coming back out again.