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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Czech men stink

Czech Men stink but Prague is beautiful

So as I left Amsterdam with their version of hello kitty,

the wooden shoes

and just look at this fabulous place, (it was missing the sign that says 'welcome special agent nancy') I boarded the long anticipated Czech flight to Prague.

As I was unsuspectingly walking down the aile to my seat I had the happy moment of smelling the most pungent 3 day old vinegary sweat of the man lifting his luggage to the overhead compartment. My face turned a shade of green and since my face is a perfect barometer of what i'm thinking it made a few people in the rows following laugh out loud.

And no Meara, it wasn't that yummy vinegar and sugar smell of our favorite dish of cabbage and bacon.

Fortunately the ground crew,did not broadcast on inside minotors (now I'm more worried...what are they doing out there) blessed me with not only delivering both my pieces of luggage but in the top 10 first off the carosel. An excited, although slightly more tired Hilary awated me outside.

My attentive host telling me how to not get lost

Look at all those plastic caps, they really take recycling seriously here.

Cab to my pension and then a fabulous home cooked meal prepared by Hilary. the real fun begins. Before Nancy crashes like the last flight of the condor, we all pulled out our maps and lists and started to plan the dates and destinations. It went well with as I suspected Johan being completely quiet.

Now I planned my sleeping well. I knew I'd need 1) a little stuffed cute buddy to cuddle 2) a safe purse that I could carry my cash close and 3) a backpack because when gearing up you just don't have enough hands.
Tigger of course was the natural solution but my first night on a 3 inch foam mattress with 20 lbs of blankets on top somehow pushed all of his contents out on to the floor, well except for one thing, the chocolate which smeared all over the sheets and my clean, a-hem, not so clean PJ's.

Bad Tigger, bad bad Tigger.

Up early for a 1.5 minute hot shower, the rest is WAKE UP COLD. Dried my hair, put on a dress and am still debating between the keen's and the high heels. Now THAT is a delimma. Lot's of walking today, heading toward Prague city center.

I got an early start. Not because I wanted to but more so because their idea of drapes here belong on the body of a belly dancer in 1001 Arabian Nights. I could do quite an erotic show for the people in the building across the way.
You know how we have those annoying people handing out free newspapers in the morning on the way to work? They do that here for the Yellow Pages.

It was surreal sitting on a bench watching everyone scurry to finally feels like my vacation started.

Stopped off at the imperial cafe for an omlette. Delicious and got to practice my French with the waitress.Hilary warned me that the Czech not only don't believe in deodorant but also breakfast but I was OK.

The man next to me ordered what looked like a Latte and a shot of Vodka.

How does one stick out like an American? Loud? no. Sneakers? no. Baseball caps. no. Wear Sunglasses. People here don't believe in them I guess.

Hilary loaned me a phone for my stay here and let me tell you it's wonderful to be able to constantly look down at it while completely missing humanity passing by.

Walked by many historic buildings, my favorite was acentuated by the sound of someone practicing opera drifting out from the window above. This is the river that runs through Prague and behind me you can see the historic area with the castle high above.

Now if you want to see photos of all the gorgeous buildings in Prague, go to my web album but otherwise here's one for you....

European service. Tip is extra here and yes, you have to beg for the check. Loving it. I've gone from 1 hour meals to 2 in one day. Now I stopped at this overpriced Italian restaurant because of the view. Heck, I'd walked up this rather steep hill (in heels) for what seemed like an eternity so I wanted a photo to prove how spectacular it was. Now clearly the waitress is sick and tired of doing this for us annoying tourists, she took this photo. 10% of the image is the view (upper right corner).

And of course I'm annoyed she can't photo graph it.

this is the view I was trying to get ding-dong to take.

Found a special antique musical instrument dealer. Thought of my friend Amy who is musically inclined and took some photos of 300+ year old Violins.

This was a cool fountain that if manned by 3 people you could spray the hell out of each other.

Went to the castle and found some good looking guards.

And gingerbread cookies here are a big deal.

And so are puppets

Found this gorgeous park for rest.

I am so glad I am not part of this group...follow the yarn pom pom on the stick.

I am officially Czech. After walking practically half the city today, I'm stinky and ready to head to the pub and eat a big chunk of fried cheese.

Now this is steak tar-tar.

Next we got ready to go to the opera. Took the metro.

The cute couple.

The third wheel. Honestly, we've been having a blast, all my worries about it being awkward and uncomfortable for anyone were in vain.

I wanted to make my Zucchini bread for the trip. I like to compare it to the Lamas bread in LOTR....I was having trouble finding a zucchini then I realized it was because they were nuclear huge....used a bottle (empty) of champagne as a point of reference for you.

Johan brought some "special sauce" boy was it yummy.

Next day we both got on his bike to go pick up mine...

And this is mine for the next month.

Stopped off at a couple castles for great views (in the pouring rain)

And that's me, the female, asking the police for directions. (in the pouring rain)

Finally Kunta of the bones. (in the pouring rain)

Ok I'll leave you with this I think it means. No walking, no kids playing, no driving and your house cannot ski.