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Fasten your seatbelts it's going to be a fun ride

Monday, June 14, 2010

Turkey, here I come!

Bought 2nd BMW F650 Funduro in Sofia Bulgaria $1450 CHECK

No I didn't insist it be red but happy it turned out that way.

Bought repairs, tires and gear for the bike $700 CHECK

That last one is a seat cushion that saves you from getting serious monkey butt.
Bought RT plane ticket (SFO>SOF) $1422 CHECK

Bought travel insurance with astronomical pay outs and helicopter rescue option $150 CHECK
Bought SPOT personal GPS tracker to find me in the middle of nowhere so helicopter can get me out $50 CHECK

Annoying expensive annual contract required for SPOT to work $150 CHECK
The best part of this gizmo is that you can follow me real time on Google Maps!!!

Credit card bleeding profusely. CHECK

So the long wait is over. I returned last year from Eastern Europe a little banged up but completely head over heels in love with Istanbul and told everyone that I was, without a doubt, returning to Turkey the following year and it's official now.

The dates are August 11th-31st. The riding part will be about 2 weeks with possibly a week in Istanbul on the way back unless I get pinched between warring factions near the Iranian border.
Here is the general route
Sofia>Istanbul>Cappadocia>Van Lake> Ani> Trabzon>Samsun>Bozkurt>Zonguldak> Istanbul.
Generally the eastern and north black sea region.
We are fielding interest by locals to join us on a couple rider websites.
Great website for photos!
and a local site run by my new friend Akif on the East Coast.
This time I made sure to book during hot weather, I'd rather be dripping sweat than chipping snow off my face shield. So I'll bring this bikini thanks to my friend AmyLuna who unfortunately won't make this trip.

Until August 11th I'll be doing a lot of riding on the bike to get in shape for the trip so send any enthusiastic riders my way.