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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Riding Pillion

Manish and I had a moment about riding pillion.

As most of you know, I ride in full gear 99.99% of the time. It's all or nothing to coin a good friend's phrase. We camped at this dump that I compared to the backwater area's of Alabama where 1st cousins' marry and it was about 1 Km from town. I put a helmet on and then the debate started about wearing gloves, and boots, and jacket....imagine this is after a long day of riding, my favorite dress dropped in the mud during my outdoor shower, i'm hungry, it was the perfect storm which turned into no gear, no bike and a miserable walk to town in the sun and heat.

So we lightened the mood the next day with this funny photo and didn't argue about pillion for a short distance again.

Carla Punch, this photo is for you! (my personal trainer) I got this nasty bruise fighting with a gas pump.

Arrive Cappadocia and had fun in these small doorways.

Found my favorite restaurant, Old Cappadocia where Luke took me last year.

Finger sized stuffed grape leaves just like my father loves.

As if Cappadocia wasn't hot enough already!

The hard to beat Manti!

Funny Bug and VW Bus combo (people ignore no parking signs)

Andy our host in the area was flying this very balloon which passed right over our camp in the morning.

Goreme Valley

Ventilation hole or way to get rid of unwanted guests?

Underground cities, not for the claustrophobic or those with a sensitive nose, the 3 day old sweat smell was positively revolting. Only video if anyone really wants to see how scary this place is.

Clever red arrows to show you the way out, a real Disneyland maze.

Andy rode us around the area for some great on and off road tracks.

Andy's beloved Africa Twin.

Went to their favorite dinner place for guess what! Manti!

Next stop Ankara, the most ugly city in Turkey!