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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Konya and some awesome Pide

Left Anamur after a horrible horrible night which involved mediocre food for 100 TL, my keys dropping down a Turkish toilet and a sweat drenched night without sleep for a gorgeous mountain pass ride to Konya.

Hardly any cars on the road, twisties to satisfy the most discriminating rider. 

Arrived in Konya and unfortunately didn't meet up with Bontoa from ADV Rider who invited me from my blog last year....but did find a very nice hotel for 120 Euro's a night that gave me a 3 bed room. The luxury was quite welcome. We were not impressed with Konya on riding in but later walked about the city and found what was so special about it. The people.

For you Phoenix friends, my room number...307!

This adorable boy walked nearly a KM to show us where a special Mosque was instead of just pointing in the general direction and speaking to us in Turkish. 

Found this nice man to sell me a set of mirrors (one busted off the day before at a gas station getting off the center stand) and a skweek skweek horn for the handle bars

Next stop Sultanhani...Caravansarai

...Before the tour buses arrived.

Installed my new horn.

Not BMW approved.

Next stop Cappadocia!!!