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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ankara and a Good Muslim

Asphaltmueller from ADV invited us to stay with him in Ankara. 
Amy Luna a friend of mine recommended the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. 

So when Ozge offered his place, well his place was too crowded with his full family, he then dropped us off at  Ilteris house (left front) who promptly took us to a great area and a good lunch with cocktails!
Finally got a decent drink here, mojito.

This place is known for the chicken.

As we crested a rather high hill to see the city below, he proudly announced, 'Welcome to Ankara! The ugliest city in Turkey!"

Compensation, great Turkish ice cream. Pistachio and Chocolate.

Found a Kryolan store and had to stop for a photo. I got my make up here for my Avatar Halloween costume last year. 

Cute area for street shopping.

Damn those Turkish pastries!

My room.

So another thing that makes Ilteris a good Muslim was the promptly opened a bottle of French wine.

And when the Mosque next door (literally) broadcast the prayer over the loudspeaker from the minaret, he would blast any classic rock at 50 decibels. 

Apartment building hell.

Oh then if that couldn't top the last quirk, he BBQ Bacon! Paul you need to hook up with this guy if you ever go to Turkey.

Enjoyed a wonderful backyard BBQ.

Excellent homemade food!

The 3 stooges

The next morning a drive around the old city and the citadel on top of the highest point in the city. 

Then a covert operation to get to this lake owned by the university.

Some cool bars that night.

Ozge doesn't fool around with  his beer glass size.

I had an excellent time in Turkey once again and finishing off the trip with this wonderful hospitality made it perfect. I will leave my new friends with something I found on the menu of a restaurant recently...
"Mailale Amor"

Which translates to : For the Love of Pork!

Next stop Istanbul