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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sheep and Gravel

Woke up early to see all the balloons launch and packed up the bikes to go on to Mt Nemrut. Yes, more long dusty straight hot roads which this time included a herd of sheep crossing the road.
Luke surprised me with a great mountain pass that turned into a beautiful dirt road that snaked through some rural villages. The houses were made of field stones and wood, very primitive looking with munchkins running around everywhere.

Stopped for lunch and had the best soup.

Now the only thing that makes some of the riding difficult is the Turks love gravel, on the paved road, oh yes, I can almost see my rider friends cringing. It's very difficult to see and you usually don't know till you are on it, add to that some sharp turns and you have yourself a white knuckle ride.

I will also add to that this is not only the month of Ramadan but also the month of massive road construction. 
The roads here (other than the deadly gravel) are very good and they are building at an amazing rate.

Now you all know how much I enjoy my BMW but the side hard cases are a royal pain, they keep flying off so we stopped at a garage, grabbed a drill and zip tied them back on. Also took a photo in the shop of the tools they are making. 
Now I've got some respectable bruises, the count is 4 so far, this one is the best.

And the bug bites are weird, always two little dots. Mini Vampires? 
Luke also did a great job of scaring me about the sheep here, there are blood sucking parasites on them that can attach to humans. Ekk

Finally arrived at our campsite.
Freezing cold water in pool Check
Surrounded by Turkish men half starved in more ways than one staring at me in my bikini. Check
Washing machine is a tub with some soap. Check
Figs and Pomegranate growing wild...ruined my appetite.

Then had a FEAST (again) and he said it was beef but it tasted more like goat but who cares.

Tomorrow Mount Nemrut.


  1. your wanderlust makes me salivate!!

  2. Love the pictures (except for the bruises)! Keep having fun 'Special Agent' Nancy!

  3. Sheep!?!? Can you find lamb flavored potato chips there too?