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Monday, August 16, 2010

Cappadocia and a Hot Air Balloon Ride

So the long haul was in order to get to Cappadocia and have 2 nights with one full was well worth it.

We arrived very late, in time to see the moon rise and hear the call to break the Ramadan Fast, just in time because I was about to expire from hunger. (Luke is now past amazement at how much I can eat) Our camp site over looked the valley of cave dwellings.

We met a couple travelling by motorcycle from Italy and had dinner.

Eating more interesting food and an excellent Moussaka.

We decided to take a hot air balloon ride that did cost a lot but was well worth it.

We asked this guy to take a photo and he had us going there for a minute because as you can see from the photo he had the camera turned backwards (on purpose).

Dressed warm, high altitude.

It was glorious....all the hot air balloons lifted at the same time over the Cappadocia Valley at sunrise.
Probably 30 or so, our operator was Graham, a British bloke who lives in Colorado.

These guys picked me up and threw me on top to push the balloon back in the bag.

Then Luke and I went for 2nd breakfast. :) where the check arrived in this neat little box.

Walked back to camp around 9ish, went swimming and napped. 

Finished up a perfect day with some riding, this time I rode as a pillion. ???

And of course we had to eat again, he's starting to understand this. 


No trip would be complete in a tourist mecca like this without a visit to a dreaded rug shop but thankfully I got out of it with a $5 key chain since I did not want to use the zip tie anymore.

1 comment:

  1. Enjoying your travel blog.

    But honey -- posing in Turkey in a mid-drift (sp?)!!???? Very provocative. Maybe that was your intention.

    In Capadocia - are you still there? Check in with our friend Mehmet Dasdeler in Goreme. Super nice guy. As you might imagine... "He has a carpet shop..." !!!! But he's a really nice guy! We hosted a rug exposition in our SF apartment with him several years ago.

    Have fun!!