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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Serbia - Land of angry nuns and RAIN

So after a white knuckle ride on the highway through the lower part of Serbia, I finally found Hilary and Johan in Nis. Fucking miserable day. Pouring rain, even my boots had water sloshing around inside. I was freezing. We finally checked into a hostel and this market was behind...

Lot's of peppers...

This guy loves his job...we were trying to decide where to eat

Serbia is the land of meat....these shops are everywhere.

This is quite possibly the worst meal of my life. I have no idea what the hell it even is, pork, beef, goat, chicken. It was disgusting and expensive.

Neat castle along the Danube...

Every turn was just gorgeous

There was a scary looking stairway down to the water inside

These signify a wedding. I found them everywhere. They even put a rolled up towel on the side mirrors of the car to signify that they are driving with the wedding party.

When I finally arrived to Opovo where Goran's parents live, I found this nice man to bring me to their house. Turns out he went to school with Goran's sister Mira.

I drove 500 km this day...through some beautiful back country and along the danube to finally reach Opovo. Milorad his father, Angelina his mother and Mira his sister. We ate and ate and drank some rakia.

Mira's room. I was so comfy!

The next day, Johan and I went to Fruska Gora and saw this tower, probably bombed in the war and not repaired.

Neat signs in national park

Beautiful twisty roads through national park

We came upon some horses, they ran with us for a while.

This nun was angry that we drove in front of the monastary

Another one where Johan desecrated holy ground.

Stopped at Novi Sad castle for a quick snack before a long boring ride back to Opovo.

Milorad makes his own 50 gallon jugs.

Drinking on the porch. Electricity went out, no problem, just have another drink.

Stuffed cabbage yummy!

Angelina wearing my boots. She braided my hair in a french braid before I left.

And gave me this rose that lasted until Budapest

Cutie at the gas station that deserved a return visit.

Next stop Budapest!!!

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