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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Macedonia / Land of Massive Men

Welcome to of massive men. Seriously though, every country I enter there is no welcome sign with the flag of the country...just the local road rules. Don't these people have any national pride.

Our first stop. Luke has a business meeting, this is where all the young gorgeous people hang out and well, people watch. No one rides motorcycles here so we were the main attraction.

Had moussaka for lunch. Depending on the region, it can be made with either potatoes, eggplant or zucchini. The restaurant had about 6 things on the menu *out of 30 dishes listed*

Meet Tiny. Now you all know how I can put it away, this man ate 3 times as much as me.

And another massive man...they are all huge here.

This was on the way to Skopje....really it's amazing that I can get these photos. There is always the smell of something burning in the air. Usually to clear the land for the next crop.

Now I've clocked 5000 km and I still have no idea what these mean...not that I follow them anyway.

And I think this ones means I CAN pass.

Nice hot bath after another long day of riding. 250 km max per day my ASS! Thanks Larry for the Airhawk!!!

View of Skokje at night...started raining so the roads were like someone spread butter. Wait a minute! Did Goran's mom get here first

Goofing off with the timer...

Almost a full moon now.

Went to a Kafana. This where people eat like pigs, drink like pigs and dance on the tables...everything on that plate, including the ham is wrapped in bacon.

Another Kafana...see my nose is red already.

At any one time I have a minimum of 4 currencies...Euro, US, the country I left and the country I am in...

Our gorgeous hotel lobby, see all the water behind me, a day of riding in pouring rain to Nis in Serbia awaits. I am smiling but very nervous.

Wish me luck.

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