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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rain and wine...

Woke up a bunch of times. Dreamed I was eating fly pate. Really, I had found Leslie in the kitchen grinding up flies and lamb into a pate. Strange what lack of sleep and too much lamb will make you dream.
Finally rolled my lazy butt out of bed around 10am and spent 2 long hours trying to figure out my blog and how to post photos. Sheesh!
Took a very excited dog for a long walk. I was so paranoid that I kept poor Sunny on a very short and secure leash. If if was up to him, we would have stopped at every single blade of grass and post for a sniff.

Now junk mail is the bane of most everyone. The Kiwi's figured it out here. All the mailboxes have "no junk mail" signs on them.

BUSTED. I booted up the computer to check email and I heard some rustling but didn't pay much attention to it. After another 5 minutes I got curious and low and behold I found a certain kitty had managed to pull out a bag of dog treats from the pantry and shredded most of the wrapping to get to the food. I admit it's my fault for finding the cashews and not closing the doors but I didn't think she'd be that sneaky. Makes me miss my kitty.

Well I loaded up on kiwi's today, ate 3 of them and some other fruits. Will head to the pool soon, I just can't give it up, junkie I guess.

Leslie came home and picked me up. We decided on visiting wineries. Stopped off at the first one called Lincoln and started tasting. For FREE! Like it really should be but Napa has turned into a Disneyland for adults. Sampled quite a few and picked an ice wine and exchanged stories of the origins of it with the salesperson.

We then decided to try another winery that had beautiful roses and an amazing view of the Auckland skyline. We rounded the corner where I saw a field of cows with the skyline in the background, a great paradox, they call it a town instead of a city. Auckland is pronounced Oakland....well more like awwwkland.

Drove by an 'indoor black light mini golf' I have no idea. I should google it, well then again, maybe I don't want to.
Anyhoo, we finally went to the pool where I was horrified to see a giant piss, er I mean wave pool for kids and asked with much trepidation, where is the lap pool?
Thankfully it was separated. Now I'm embarrassed to say that a 10 year old overweight kiwi almost whooped my butt in that lap pool. For the record, I'd like to blame it on the wine and jet lag.
Back at home where I'm trying to cram everything into a small back pack for the trip and losing faith that I can pull it off. *sigh*
Tomorrow I start my magic bus tour of 8 days. Should be super fun!

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