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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wellington...and the Weta Workshop.

Arrived by Ferry from Picton to the lovely harbor of Wellington. It's like a mini San Francisco. I love it here and am very glad I got to come back one more time.

Windy. Hills. Water. Victorian houses. 

That big structure behind the boats covered in scaffolding is an indoor swimming pool and see the moon rising just by the crane?
Got to swim there twice.

I arrived at the hostel after walking many city blocks, zig zagging, trying to find the darned place, only to walk into this tiny room.
This is the "after" photo because when I first walked in, there was crap strewn all over the floor. Empty bottles. Paper. Clothes. Shoes. Probably some small dead animals too by the smell of it.
I actually exclaimed "oh my God" and walked right back out again.

I went back to the front desk and complained. They sent someone else up to complain then when I went back to the room an hour later, it was neat and tidy with one very pissed off roommate.

Anyhoo, Petra the other roommate from The Netherlands and I wandered about Wellington with a very funny Irish guy....sorry no photo. We were giggling too much to think of it.

The next day I checked into my AirBNB and I had a cozy queen bed with flannel sheets all to myself!

Megan and Joel had a ping pong table and a DVD player so I could finally watch my Hobbit movie.

What did I have for breakfast? A big bowl of Hokey Pokey. 

I read about an underground market. Sounded hip so I decided to go. It's an artsy market in an underground parking lot. 
Once I walked in, I knew I was going to buy something.  

And I did, from this guy. He has all native New Zealand woods and I found a tray that has over 13 distinct woods inlaid. It's gorgeous.

And some motorcycle socks. Merino wool blend.
I got my ear talked off about dyes in China that cause cancer and so on and so forth....

After this, I am headed to Napier. The Art Deco capital  of New Zealand however, Wellington has plenty of these lovely buildings. 

Then I rode the Victoria cable car up to the cable car museum.

If you have not gone to the cable car museum in San Francisco. It's free and super cool. The wheels and cables there are real and not fake like this one.

Then I had my favorite New Zealand lunch. 
Meat pie and Mountain Dew.

OK now is probably the coolest part of my trip. 
The Weta Workshop.

This is the creative company behind movie props and did just about everything for the LOTR and The Hobbit.
Took a bus ride to Miramar and played with some trolls while waiting for the tour.

Bilbo's contract. I read most of it in my hour wait. 
Funny as heck.

Yeah, you know who that guy is....admit it.

The detail on the armor is mesmerizing.

Mini museum.

So unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take any photos inside the workshop. Understandable really. They are actually working on movie props and we got to see some but alas, 
we are sworn to secrecy.

Back to the city. Fun pedestrian street called Cuba.

All kinds of stuff made in assemble yourself particle board. 

The Embassy theater where LOTR and The Hobbit premiered.

The inside walkway to the swanky bar.

The swanky bar. $17 champagne. What the hell.

And the bathrooms are pretty cool too.

Decided to see Iron Man 3. It is the best one yet.
I love seeing movies while away because for a couple of hours I forget all about where I am then when the movie is over, it feels like I've just arrived all over again!

So ended a nearly perfect 3 nights in Wellington. I had one last huge bowl of Hokey Pokey. Watched the rest of the Hobbit. Slept in cozy flannel sheets and off to Napier. 
The Art Deco capital of New Zealand.

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