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Friday, April 26, 2013

Quebec and Maple Syrup

My next adventure is back home in Quebec and I thought I would share a bit of my native american roots (Iroquois to be exact) and their gift to the settlers....maple syrup.

For mom's birthday we went to the Erabliere Charbonneau.

When I was a kid and probably her too, I would go out to the woods behind our village of St. Ours and into the Sugar Shack for a taste of maple syrup.

Dad, took this photo for you! An apple a day has kept his doctors away.

Nice lounge in the tasting room.

This nice lady gave us tastes of apple based bubbly and beer.

This is the hall of gluttony. Seriously, a complete feast based all on maple products is part of the deal. Come HUNGRY.

Lovely photos of mom. We took a tractor pulled trailer to the sugar shack behind this building.

When I was a kid and thirsty, I would grab these buckets hanging from the trees and...

....drink the maple water.

My favorite maple product is called "Tire". Its pronounced "tsire".

Its almost like taffy, they drizzle it on ice like here and you suck on it like a lollypop. (mom had 2)

The process of maple syrup involves mostly boiling it down so you knew it was maple season when steam started to rise from the maple cabins in the forests.

Now this is the feast: 
Oreilles de Crisse. (click here to read what it is)

Somehow I feel like Morticia Addams in this photo.

The trailer ride back.

Liked these shots in monochrome

And of course the finished products.

I was lucky enough to have a good snow flurry before I left. We both had plenty of Montreal Smoked Meat and even ate at St. Hubert a couple of times!

Next stop New Zealand.

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