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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Food in Turkey (oh and historical sites)

Well not yet officially but in one day.

Many of you know I"m a foodie and eating here is always somewhere between good and excellent.
Usually baked, stewed or boiled but rarely fried or greasy. Truly healthy.
This photo is of Menemen which is eggs, tomatoes, banana peppers and probably crack. Highly addictive, difficult to kick and a must every day.
So I had to stop at the city sign of Menemen to mark my love of this dish and it was a good thing too since it helped me get the grumpy hoteless in Pumakkale to make some for me instead of trying to feed me the 'tourist' breakfast which consists of a plate with artistically assorted jams and jellies in small plastic containers and a couple sad olives and a slab of cheese and white bread. Yuck!

Our "Cancun" hotel was awesome early in the morning...everyone asleep with the beach to ourselves.

View from top of the city.

First historical site (remember we skipped to ridiculous wood Trojan horse) and pressed on to Bergama.
Ancient Roman amphitheater.

Hot Hot Hot

Stopped for refreshing soda water with cherry where one of the locals pitched me in French about the dreaded carpet seller...

Next on to Foca. Harbor town.
Oops, I skipped Yenifoca. So the travel book touted the excellent campsites along the water. Pffffttt! Is all I have to say....rabbit excrement, dog excrement, sheep excrement....going to the bathroom without stepping on a bomb was not easy. There's still rabbit poop attached to my shoes.

This Turkish symbol around the BMW emblem was genius.

He showed us to the downtown area where we had breakfast....

....with lots of kitties.

Heart attack on a plate. I think this is whipped butter and honey.

And another kitty on Manish's leg.

Charming cobblestone grape leaf shaded streets.

Now I'm not sure what the obsession with bank card machines but this gas station topped off the guinness book of world records.

Stopped at a roadside fruit stand to get nectarine juice all over my chin and neck. Neat cabins for eating in the shade

Next stop Esphesus. This is a Roman milestone, in ancient times they were created with the Emperor's name responsible for building the road and when a new Emperor was crowned they would 'flip' them and put the new name, rotating the old to the ground.

The most famous part, the ancient library without tourists.

Mobbed with tourists and one Special Agent Nancy, on left side near column in the shade. 103 F

Ah, another stop and dip in the water after a long day of riding.

Next stop, Pamukkale.

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