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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Over The Limit

Thank God I was bag to check in with all my gear; boots, knee pads, jacket, pants, armor, side hard cases, frame, cot, tent (had to move the stakes to the checked bag, deadly weapon you know....I could if provoked sufficiently (which I was by the Indian woman sitting in the seat in front of me on my first of 3 flights) stake someone down to the cabin floor.

The bad news; 68 lbs (18 over the limit) the even worst news $150 excess weight fee. Luckily the helpful check in person suggested I check one of the hard cases as my second bag for $55 instead. Yes, I was that annoying person who hogs time at the check in desk to the ire of all waiting in the Disneyland line behind me.

Visa credit card beginning to trickle blood...

I had fun with the poor folks at the security checkpoint screening. I watched carefully the face of the woman tasked with viewing my assortment of tools, tent poles and helmet through the X-ray machine. It was a odd look that conveyed "you've got to be kidding" and "no way in hell".

After a grueling 2nd flight I landed in Paris and to ease the cramped neck and residual sharp pain under my left shoulder blade from last week's riding (thanks Paul and Andy) I found this Thai woman with a grip like the Rancor from Return of the Jedi.

Then I found a real Cafe Au Lait and the most awesome bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne ever. It comes in it's own insulated sleeve. The croissant was blessedly greasy and crumbled nicely on my black shirt.

Last flight to Sofia...where I passed rather quickly through customs and saw Luke's smiling face which was only  slightly less exhilarating than seeing my luggage make it.
As we left the airport we drove through the Gypsy quarter where horses roam freely 

and apparently children too.

This is the driveway to Luke's house...

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Tomorrow we leave for Trigrad and that fateful road where I crashed last year. I'm going to enjoy myself the way I was meant to and will take some great photos. Then on to the village where my shoulded got put back into place by a kind soul and fed stuffed peppers to die for by my Bulgarian Mama Zarka!


  1. Out of sight girl...go for it...I only wish I was over there with you....

  2. glad you (and your luggage) are there safe & sound! look forward to reading the next installment in the adventure.

  3. so far so good - it will get better each day