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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crashed & and a Bulgarian mom

So it happened. I crashed.
Now a crash, according to Hilary, is when either the bike or you are harmed. In this case both.
Sparing you the gory details, 5 days later and it still hurts to move my arm and I have bruises on my hip and legs most men would be proud of.

Our first stop...this is a lake at one of the highest points in Bulgaria.
We've added Luke's Nephew from Australia on the left.
These damn road repairs are treacherous! They cut out rectangular sections (hundreds of them) then I guess fill them in later. Only don't get stuck in a few of these at 100km an hour in the dark.

Cute cub who sold me some honey...or should I say honey that sold me some honey. :)

Stopped for another huge meal...

Bulgaria. The meat lovers country.

Now this is my Bulgarian mom Zarka. I arrived after a very painful crash in tears. She runs a pension in the village of Trigrad in the southern mountains of Bulgaria. I ended up riding out of the forest on the back of Luke's bike, too hurt and shook up to ride myself. Here she is making a rice poultice for my shoulder.

Her pension...local crafts. When you get married everyone gives you gifts of wool blankets and let me tell you that they are necessary!

That's her son sitting up on the pile, very shy but he warmed up to us by the end of our two days here. Showing him how it's done.

This was so much fun. There is a video of it in my photo albums.

Typical country scene.

Performance our last night. The young people in these remote villages go to special schools to preserve the arts.

This is my Bulgarian mom Grandfather. He fixed my shoulder. We have local village doctors like this in Quebec and let me tell you I would rather go to him than any hospital...She took pity on me because of how much I cried when he did his magic.

Here she is on my bike. Apprantly there is a big off road event here in the Fall that riders come from all over to participate in. I can't recommend this place enough. At 10 euros a night for a comfortable, clean and special experience...stay at Mama Zarka's in Trigrad.

They call this the small Grand Canyon. My first time seeing it since I arrived in the middle of the night.
As I passed through cities I found that the word "super" is not the only universal word known to all cultures here, "sex shop" is also as widely known.

Another amazing meal...eggs, cheese and sausage. Watch out, piping hot.

Now I didn't get a photo of this, remember 110 km an hour, but women in Bulgaria have rather interesting hairstyles. Remember that poofy poodle look of the 80's well it's here, in abundance.
Arrived in the black sea side town of Sozopoy and this is my much welcome Rob Roy.

Here when they say yes, they nod no and vice versa. It's very confusing. So when I asked, can you make a Manhattan, he nodded yes and said no.
Luke took me for a late night tour of the town. Traditional wood houses. Gorgeous.

Churches could not be higher than a man on a horse.

Phase of the moon, halfway now. Two more weeks of this fun.

Next stop Istanbul.

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